Steel Roofing Pekin, IL

Steel Roofing Pekin, IL

Steel Roofing Pekin, IL

Every year, there are more and more reasons to select steel roofing over other materials for residential and commercial properties. At Paradox Construction, we work with the most efficient and durable steel roofing in Pekin, IL, so homeowners just like you can get a worthwhile investment for their home or office. Our steel roofs offer a variety of aesthetic advantages, including a number of styles and colors, plus longevity and durability that lasts a lifetime.

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners are beginning to seek energy-saving methods for their homes – products that secure and improve the overall structure of their building while providing long-term cost-cutting benefits on their energy bills.

A reflective steel roof can save your home up to 40% on cooling costs during the summer. This means less money is leaving your wallet each month for bills, you are less dependent on energy, and there is less air pollution throughout your entire neighborhood and country. The secret of steel roofing is in the finishes. Unpainted metal roofing will reflect more solar radiation than is absorbed into the attic and home. For households in a warmer climate, pre-painted and granular-coated steel roofing reflect the energy and cool your home at the same time.

Disproving Myths

Despite the popularity of steel roofing in Pekin, IL, homeowners and business owners still believe myths about the material. For instance, a steel roof does not increase the likelihood of a lightning strike on a building. If your home were to be hit by lighting (a rare event), the steel would disperse the energy safely. Second, a steel roof is not overly noisy, as some believe. The material will silence bad weather more easily than other roofing options.

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