Roof Replacement Cost Peoria IL

Roof Replacement Cost Peoria IL

Roof Replacement Cost Peoria IL

A Guide to Roof Replacement Cost Peoria IL Homeowners Can Use

Paradox Construction knows homeowners want the best value on home improvement projects. For more than 40 years, our company has offered the highest level of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction to deliver value to our clients in Peoria and throughout Central Illinois. If you need help in determining roof replacement cost Peoria IL homeowners, call us now at 309-339-6687 or contact us online. On the other hand, we invite you to read this handy guide if you want to do more research before letting us know how we can help you.

Factors in Roof Replacement Cost Peoria IL Clients Need to Know

Paradox Construction can handle your roof replacement, whether you have a residential or commercial project. Our contractors contain the knowledge and expertise to do expert work in both roof repair and roof replacement. Here are factors in roof replacement cost Peoria IL homeowners should consider:

  • Determine what you need – Unless there is obvious damage, it may be hard to figure out what is going on with the roof. An inspection will help you know whether you just need a repair or a full replacement. Call Paradox Construction at 309-339-6687 or contact us online if you would like to schedule an inspection.
  • Find out if your roof is under warranty – If you just bought the house, check to see whether the existing roof is under warranty. Try contacting the previous owner if you were not given that information at the time of purchase. You may be able to save money with a warranty claim.
  • Decide on roof repair or replacement – If you do not have a warranty, figure out how much life you have left in your existing roof. If you still have a lot of life left and a repair will be inexpensive, it may not make sense to do a full replacement. Just be careful not to spend money on a temporary fix if a replacement will be needed soon.
  • Choose the right materials – Paradox Construction can install asphalt, shake, metal and steel roofing. Each material comes with pros and cons. Though asphalt provides the cheapest initial cost, the material life of asphalt is much shorter than metal or steel, and often has to be replaced two or three times in comparison to metal or steel. You may also be eligible for incentives, tax breaks and grants on energy efficient roofing, and can click here to check.

The Variables of Roof Replacement Cost Peoria IL Owners Must Consider

Roof Replacement Cost Peoria ILIf you determine you need a new roof, you need to know the components of roof replacement cost Peoria IL homeowners can use to estimate the expense. Here are the things that factor into the estimates:

  • Roof SizeRoofing companies charge per “roofing square.” A 100-square foot area equals one roofing square. For example, a 4,000 square-foot area would have 40 squares.
  • Roof Pitch – Roofers describe pitch in ratios of height and length. Therefore, a 7:12 would mean that the roof rises 7 inches vertically for each foot it runs horizontally. Pitches above 7:12 can cost more because of the difficulty in performing the job.
  • Roofing Material – The costs of material vary from the types of material. As mentioned above, asphalt shingles carry a lower initial cost than metal and steel roofing, but the asphalt material will need to be replaced two or three times during the longer lifespan of a metal or steel roof. Also, energy efficient roofs come with incentives because they are better for the environment.

Comparing Types of Roof Materials

Materials play a major role when considering roof replacement cost Peoria IL homeowners are quoted. Get in touch with Paradox Construction today at 309-339-6687 or contact us online to consult with you about the right materials. Here are the material types and what to consider about each of them:

  • Steel and Metal roofing – The biggest benefit with these materials are that they save you money in the long run. Durable and environmentally friendly, these roofs last two or three times as long as asphalt roofs and do not catch on fire like other materials. However, these materials do come with a higher initial cost and some people think they are noisy when it rains.
  • Shake roofing – Fans of this material like the aesthetic look and good insulation. However, these roofs require regular maintenance, which can be costly over time, and are susceptible to fire.
  • Asphalt roofing – There are many styles and colors to this material, which also carries the lowest initial cost. However, this material will need to be repaired and replaced more frequently than metal which drives up long-term costs. Also, this is not an environmentally friendly option.

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Roof Replacement Cost Peoria ILParadox Construction offers you so much more than just roofing. Our contractors also handle siding, windows, doors, bathroom remodels, garage door repair, sales and installation.

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