Roof Repair Pekin IL

Roof Repair Pekin IL

Roof Repair Pekin IL

Roof Repair Pekin IL Homeowners Know and Trust

Maintaining your roof with quality repair services will save you money in the long run. You don’t want to have to face a total replacement sooner than you have to, right? That’s why you should rely on Paradox Construction for roof repair Pekin IL homeowners know and trust.

If you are suffering from leaks in your attic, walls or ceilings, or you’re continually losing shingles to stiff wind storms, you need us. That damage can lead to more extensive repairs and headaches if not addressed right away. Paradox Construction is your source for qualified roofers who can fix your problems once and for all. Using some of the most trusted names in roofing materials, our commitment to quality is evident in all that we do. Whether you need commercial or residential roof repairs, we bring decades of combined experience to each job.

Roof Repair Specialties in Pekin

Roof Repair Pekin IL

A trustworthy roofer will be up front about the need for repair vs. replacement of your roof. As part of your regular inspections, your roofer will go over the benefits of both: sometimes the damage is so extensive that a replacement would be best. Other times, you can get away with a simple patch job or repair.

Following are some of our specialties when it comes to roof repair in Pekin IL:

  • Storm damage: Storms in this area can pop up quickly, bringing with them damaging hail, rain and wind. They can send tree limbs onto your roof and cause shingles to go missing. Trust us to identify, document, and fix all your storm damage.
  • Shingle damage: As the most common roofing option in the United States, shingles are affordable and versatile, surely. But they also tend to fall off, curl, warp and buckle. Replacing failing shingles can extend the life of your existing roof and guard against leaks.
  • Moisture damage: When water is allowed to get under your roof, it can cause mold, exterior paint bubbling, staining on walls and ceilings, and major and minor leaks. Lean on our state of the art equipment to locate the source of the leak and fix it the right way.
  • Inspections: Regular maintenance extends the expected lifespan of your roof and prevents bigger problems from happening. Our team can locate and fix any issues that can’t be seen from the ground.

We also proudly serve other communities, such as Peoria, East Peoria, Morton and Canton.

Contact Us for Roof Repair in Pekin IL

If you suspect you need roof repair for your home or business in Pekin IL, call Paradox Construction at 309-339-6687, Request a Quote online, or email us for a free, no-obligation estimate.