Steel Roofing Peoria, IL

Steel Roofing Peoria, IL

Steel Roofing Peoria, IL

Steel roofing in Peoria, IL is becoming increasingly more popular as a viable roofing solution for homes and businesses in the area. Steel roof installation provides long lasting protection alongside minimal maintenance, allowing for the maximum possible investment potential and protection. Homeowners and business owners seeking peace of mind should explore steel roofing as an option for their overhead roofing. At Paradox Construction, we put you, the customer, before all else. We ensure the steel roofing we install is of the best roofing quality and reliable integrity before it ever goes to your home.

A Worthwhile Investment

While the cost for a steel roof in Peoria, IL is higher than that of many other roofing materials currently on the market, home and business owners should know that this is only the initial roof installation cost. In fact, you will save money in the long run with steel roofing in Peoria, IL. A steel roof can last a lifetime, whereas materials such as asphalt or shingles require repairs, restoration, maintenance, and roof replacement every ten to 20 years, on average.  In contrast, steel roofing lasts for 30 to 50 years.

Aesthetic Variety

Despite what many homeowners may believe, steel roofing comes in a variety of beautiful styles. It does not matter what type of roof style, color, or finish you currently have; there is a steel roofing style to match. Today’s roofing material can look exactly like shingle, cedar shake, slate, or even clay tile. Sure, you could just go with one of these options for your roof. However, steel will last 2 to 3 times longer than any other material, making it the smart choice for your roofing requirements.

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