New Roof Peoria IL

New Roof Peoria IL

New Roof Peoria IL

Need a New Roof in Peoria IL?

Then we are just the company for you. Paradox Construction gives you assurances of quality workmanship and timely services with our new roofing installation services. Specifically, we specialize in metal roofing. Boasting best in class services and products, we have many satisfied clients who have chosen metal thanks to its durability and dependability. This material is ideal for both homes and businesses, preventing the effects of harsh weather that’s par for the course in Illinois. In fact, our roofing products can last up to 50 years and beyond. Paradox Construction places a high value on honesty and integrity, with prices that match your budget. With more than 40 years of experience behind us, our professionals can install a new roof that will last the test of time. So, if it’s time for a new roof in Peoria IL, make the call you won’t regret.

Metal: An Unbeatable Choice in Peoria

Metal is preferable because it withstands the elements better than any other material. And with long-lasting, durable and beautiful appeal, metal is a solid choice for a high ROI. At the same time, it offers unbeatable protection for your family, employees and customers.

Metal roofing will:

New Roof Peoria IL
  • Last a lifetime, vs. asphalt shingles that can fall off, need repair or require re-roofing every 20 years.
  • Mimic the look of shingles, cedar shakes, slate or clay tile.
  • Last two to three times longer than other materials.
  • Offer low maintenance requirements.
  • Give you choices in a variety of styles and colors to match the rest of the structure.
  • Withstand high winds, winter weather, rot and stains.

Paradox Construction proudly serves all of Peoria, as well as East Peoria, Morton, Washington and beyond.

Contact Us for a New Roof in Peoria IL

We would be happy to schedule a consultation or free estimate when you call us at 309-339-6687. Choose Paradox Construction whenever you need a new roof in Peoria IL.