Metal Roof Installation Peoria IL

Metal Roof Installation Peoria IL

Metal Roof Installation Peoria IL

Your Best Resource for Metal Roof Installation Peoria IL Depends On

For dependable, long-lasting roofing, choose Paradox Construction. We are specialists in all types of roofing, but metal in particular. This happens to be a popular option among our clients, for both homes and businesses. We bring a lot of experience to the table to ensure a quality job – more than 40 years in fact. That’s why you should trust us for an efficient, affordable and quality job from start to finish. Metal affords you long-lasting protection highlighted by very little maintenance requirements over the years. Not only do you enjoy a higher ROI, you get the best protection for your family, employees and customers, as well as the actual structure. Your roof is the last line of defense for your interior. Make sure it can last the test of time! We are your best resource for metal roof installation Peoria IL depends on.

Why Go With Metal?

Our technicians are highly trained in state of the art materials, products and installation. We can go over the many reasons why metal is a great option for you. Here’s a look at a few popular reasons:

Metal Roof Installation Peoria IL
  • Metal can take a lot of abuse from Mother Nature, including wind, snow, rain, sleet and hail.
  • It comes in many styles and colors.
  • It can last two to three times longer than other roofing materials.
  • Metal is low in maintenance.
  • It lasts a lifetime. The same is not true for, say, asphalt shingles, which often need repair or re-roofing every decade or two.
  • It can resemble materials, such as shingles, cedar shakes, slate or clay tiles.

Select Paradox Construction for your metal roof installation project in Peoria. Backed by honesty and integrity, you will appreciate our attention to detail and use of quality materials.

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Contact Paradox Construction today for your free estimate and to learn more at 309-339-6687. We are your source for metal roof installation in Peoria IL, as well as surrounding areas such as East Peoria, Pekin, Canton, Morton, Washington and beyond.